Hollow World -- Rise of Thanatos

12th sleep of the Dark Triumvirate Rathanos, Lokar, and Jammudaru.

What a difference a day makes! I am coming to regret the haste with which I dismissed the Scrymaster’s assignment. It must be said that the mystery of the fires on the Northern border has grown more interesting. The Floating Continents appear to be conspiring to cast shadow over the borderlands. Certainly areas of shadow form underneath them, but this goes well beyond that. In these instances a nearly completely dark night forms. Accustomed to the constant red sunlight villagers are terrified of such darkness. The village elders have been ordering all doors shut and bolted, all windows closed and locked, but by the morning houses are burned, and their people and their livestock are gone. This has the feel of an attack. Youth near the Northern border have other ideas and are planning a confrontation tonight. In defiance of the elders they have been arming against the unknown as best they can.

11th sleep of the Dark Triumvirate Rathanos, Lokar, and Jammudaru.

I received my assignment today and I am reeling in disbelief. I had hoped to preserve the greatness of Mileian society, to bear witness to the exotic Azca, or even to peer into the deep mysteries of the land of Nithia, but none of that is to be. The Scrymasters have instead handed me an assignment in the middle of nowhere. I am to watch over the former Provinces of the Mileian Empire.

These provinces were once an admittedly idyllic locale where farming was the primary occupation. Prior to the Battle at the World Spine, the Mileian Empire was surging in strength. It created large agricultural settlements on the rich farmland which laid between the Dogo and the Dagoi rivers. The intent was to provide a reliable food supply for the bulging population of the Empire’s cities. Of course after the Battle at the World Spine the survivors in the Hollow World were all reeling in shock and no longer looking to the future. When faced with the hopelessness of near destruction civilizations all across the Hollow World lost their drive for success and achievement and the Mileian Empire was no exception. The rise of the Empire which gave birth to the Provinces halted. The drive to colonize died nearly overnight, and birth rates and thus populations in cities across the Empire plummeted. The demand for the additional food supply ended, and soon afterward so did any contact with the Empire. Some in the Provinces stayed in their new homes with the rest returning to live somewhere still within the receding borders of the Empire. What is left today is an incredibly uneventful place. Of late the only standout event has been a house fire reported on a remote edge of the Provinces. I will observe and record as it is my mission and duty, but will never understand.

10th sleep of the Dark Triumvirate Rathanos, Lokar, and Jammudaru.

This is the personal journal of Marcus Asterius. After many long years of study at the Lighthouse I am finally qualified to join the ranks of the Grand Watchers. My joy is uncontainable, my pride inexpressible. At long last I too will observe the comings and the goings of the people of the Hollow World. The ebb and flow of nations and peoples is now mine to see and observe and record. My observations will intermingle with all of the generations that have gone before. From the beginning of time until the end. Tomorrow I will receive my assignment and my time will begin.


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