Welcome to the Hollow World. Adventure from within

Although we play with Second Edition AD&D rules, this campaign is based on the Hollow World boxed set released by TSR for the Basic Dungeons &Dragons game in 1990. Basic Dungeons & Dragons started out getting a feel for a campaign world talking about, “The Known World”, which later coalesced into a setting called Mystara. The Hollow World boxed set was intended to be a sub-setting for Mystara. The basic concept behind the Hollow World was that in Mystara the planet was not solid. If you walked close enough to the exact Northern or Southern pole the physics of space and time would bend and while you would feel like you were walking in a straight line, you would actually be walking on the underside of the planetary crust. Many will see the similarity to the world of Pellucidar first imagined by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and used for seven books.

The Hollow World was intended as a supplement to a presumably thriving Mystara campaign. In tradition similar to Land of the Lost, the PCs would suddenly find themselves in a vast, primitive world, populated with strange flora and fauna, and highlighted with forgotten creatures such as dinosaurs. Hollow World goes one more step by also being home to many peoples and civilizations that were a part of Mystara, but were thought to have died out.

I do not already have a thriving Mystara campaign, so rather than be visitors from the Outer world, the PCs are native to the Hollow World. They hail from the southern half of the continent Iciria. They are from an area known as the Provinces. This place was once an agricultural expansion at the edge of the Milenian Empire. Over the past couple of generations the reach of the Empire has receded and this area has become self reliant.

As the PCs explore their new home and defend it from encroaching evil the details will be kept in the campaign wiki.

Hollow World -- Rise of Thanatos

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