Hollow World -- Rise of Thanatos

12th sleep of the Dark Triumvirate Rathanos, Lokar, and Jammudaru.

What a difference a day makes! I am coming to regret the haste with which I dismissed the Scrymaster’s assignment. It must be said that the mystery of the fires on the Northern border has grown more interesting. The Floating Continents appear to be conspiring to cast shadow over the borderlands. Certainly areas of shadow form underneath them, but this goes well beyond that. In these instances a nearly completely dark night forms. Accustomed to the constant red sunlight villagers are terrified of such darkness. The village elders have been ordering all doors shut and bolted, all windows closed and locked, but by the morning houses are burned, and their people and their livestock are gone. This has the feel of an attack. Youth near the Northern border have other ideas and are planning a confrontation tonight. In defiance of the elders they have been arming against the unknown as best they can.


EmeraldDawn EmeraldDawn

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