Hollow World Calendar


The Immortal Calendar.

The power of the Immortals fluctuates over the course of a year. The year has twelve months of 30 sleeps each. Each month is associated with one or more Immortals as shown in the picture above. The power and influence of the associated Immortal(s) waxes during the month and wanes during the month furthest away from it on the calendar.
The 5th, 15th, and 25th of each month see especially high peaks in the associated Immortal(s) powers with the 15th often being a day marked by an event or beginning of an undertaking that suits the Immortal. Devotees may have a particular obligation to fulfill at this time, such as a task to complete or a trip to a shrine, etc… Over the course of a month devotees following Immortals may receive benefits as the DM sees fit. On ordinary days of the month this may simply be instance of good fortune, while on the peak days this may be in a more tangible form of benefits that the DM chooses to confer upon the devotee such as extra healing, extra spell points, a skill not otherwise possessed by the character.
For those three months where multiple Immortals have extended influence the Immortals only exhibit increased influence on one peak day. Which Immortal of the group is assigned to which day is a matter determined by the DM.

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Hollow World Calendar

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